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Rehab Planner Overview

The Rehab Planner is mainly used for properties that have already been acquired, allowing you to create a detailed professional repair estimate for each property.  To increase Hammerpoint’s accuracy, users can add specific items to each repair estimate so each Rehab Plan is tailored for each business and property.

 **The Rehab Planner will Auto-Save anything added/deleted/changed/updated

 **The Rehab Planner is fully customizable

The Rehab Planner is also integrated with Home Depot's website.  Simply copy and paste the internet# from Home Depot's website and the Rehab Planner will pull in the details  of the item such as cost, dimensions, brand, picture, and more, but you can also use items that are  not from Home Depot by manually entering in the details.  Save 'Favorites' to easily select commonly used items in your Rehabs.

Once the Rehab Planner is complete, you can easily create a detailed professional repair proposal (Scope of Work) as a Word document or PDF which can be downloaded and printed.  You can also upload that document to the property file to easily email or fax the document fromwithin your Realeflow account.

**To fax a document within Realeflow you must have the Smoothfax feature

Hammerpoint Rehab Planner can be used as a negotiating tool with sellers and the bank OR to determine very specific cost requirements when rehabbing a property.  

**Labor costs are manually added.  This field will have to be manually adjusted when  creating a Rehab Planner

In this video we will show you how to create a Rehab Plan from start to finish showing you how to import items from Home Depot, to manually adding your own items, creating favorites, and generating the Scope of Work in a Word Doc or PDF file.

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