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Leadpipes- Using Filters to target your list

Leadpipes- Using Filters to target your list

Within Leadpipes there are various filters to help target a specific type of lead for your list to market to.

**Your initial search will be by State and County.  Once this 'broad' search has populated the additional filters will appear.

Depending on the type of Leadpipe you select (Cash Buyer, Bankruptcies, etc.), different filters will become available that can be used to refine your search.

Depending on the Leadpipe type, you will be able to filter by:
-    Last Sale Date (3 mo., 6 mo., 1 year)
-    Owner Lives  (absentee owners in and out of state, owner occupied)  
-    Loan to Value  (min to max)
-    Location (state,county, City, Zip)
-    Property (type, bed, bath, Square feet, Year Built)
-    Tax Info (Last Sales Price, Assessed Value)

Once your filters are set hit ‘Search’ at the bottom of the filter box and the leads will be listed to the right.  You can change your filters and hit search to refine or broaden the list of leads.

Saving your Search:

Have a specific filtered list that you are going to search on a regular basis?  If so, you can save the search for easy access to new leads without having to set your filters again. 

To save your search:
1.    Select the Leadpipe type
2.    Set your filters
3.    Check the box located at the bottom of the filters section that says ‘Save this Search for future use’

4.    Once this box is checked a pop up box will appear.  Enter in the Search name and an optional description, then hit ‘Save and Search’


Once saved this Saved Search can be found in the ‘Saved Searches’ tab within the Leadpipes section. 

Click on your Saved Search to automatically pull up new up to date leads.


Reset Your Search

When accessing a list from the Search History or Saved Searches you can hit the ‘Reset’ button at the bottom of the filter box to do a new search.  You can use the Reset button to clear any current search you are doing.



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