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Moby- Overview

Moby- Overview

Moby is a tool built into Realeflow to help you accomplish 2 essential tasks: Market your properties and build your list of leads.  With Moby Marketing you are able to send voice and text messages to all of your leads that have opted in. 

Moby allows you to create property listing messages for a lead to call or test about the property to get additional information but you are also able to setup SMS (text) of voice campaigns that leads can opt in to for any type of lead.

Once opted in via a Moby campaign or through a property listing these potential leads are then deposited as a new lead within your Realeflow account and tagged to either the property they opted in about or tagged to the Moby campaign they opted into so you know exactly how to follow up with your new lead.

With Moby you can now send SMS text or Voice Messages to your entire list of optins informing them about new properties, investment opportunities, etc.

**Moby is 100%opt in.  Only opt ins can receive SMS text and Voice Messages.

**People are able to opt in through Squeeze Page websites, by calling your Moby number or texting your Moby number about a specific property by entering a 4 digit pin #, or by opting into any of your Moby Campaigns.

** Once a lead opts into Moby they are now able to receive future SMS and Voice messages.

To see addtional information about Property Listings, Voice Broadcast messages, and SMS text messages go to the Moby section in the Knowledgebase.

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