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Email Messaging- Sending an email to a Contact

Contacts- Sending an email to a Contact

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Within Realeflow, you are able to send outgoing emails to 1 contact or multiple contacts.  Here are step by step instructions.

1.    Go to Contacts, and select one of the options for the drop down menu.

2.    Click on the ‘Search and Filters’ button in the top right corner to find/filter the leads you need to send an email to. 


3.    Check the box to the left of each contact you would like to send an email to if sending to multiple contacts.  If you are sending to one contact, you can also go directly into the contact file to send an email.

4.    Click on ‘Send Email’


If within a specific contact file click on Email Messaging (1), then click Send Email (2)


5.    Next, a email pop up box will appear.  Fill out the sender email (should be prefilled with your contact email), subject, add an attachment, and then just type up your email and hit ‘Send’.

**If you are sending an email to multiple contacts, they will be BCC’d, so they will not see who else you sent this email to.
**Once the email has been sent you will receive a notification in the upper right hand corner of your screen


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