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Power Matching

Power Matching

Power Matching is another powerful tool that can be used in Realeflow. The main goal of real estate is
to find buyers for your properties as well as find properties for your buyers. Power Matching helps
accomplish this.

Once you have a property entered into Realeflow you can now try to find a potential buyer. Click on
Power Matching within your property and Realeflow will automatically search other Realeflow Users
buyer contacts to see if there are any matches.

If there are matches found you can then send that other Realeflow user an internal message which will
automatically include your property details and the buyers that match your property within that
Realeflow Users account. This works the other way well.

When you are in Buyer contact and the buyer information has been filled out, click on Power Matching
and Realeflow will automatically search other Realeflow Users accounts to see if they have any available
properties that match your Buyers criteria.

Once a match is found you can send an internal message to that Realeflow User which will include the
properties that match your buyer and you can go from there to try to get a deal closed.
Power Matching also allows you to match the buyers and properties within your own account.

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