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Tagging & Color Labeling

Tagging & Color Labeling
Within Realeflow you are now able to Tag and Color your contact and property files to help you stay
organized. Whether you tag a file as a hot lead or color a file to have employees work on just those
colors you now have these options available.  Once you have tagged or colored a file, in the list
view of your contacts or properties you can sort by these tags and colors using the Filter option in
Tagging- these are keywords to ‘tag’ a file. Label a contact as a ‘Hot Buyer’ or a property as a ‘Hot Deal’.
Once you have saved the tag you can now filter your files by that ‘tag’/keyword in the list view of your
Property and Contact files to bring up the files that have that specific ‘tag’.
Color Labeling- This is another great way to distinguish your contact and property files. The Color
labeling can be used in any manner that fits you. One way to use Color Labeling is assign each employee
a color and they can work on just those files that have that color label. In the list view of your contact
and properties you can filter your list by color.

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