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Property Profile Report- How to Create

Property Profile Report- this is comprehensive report that you can automatically create within a specific property file that includes all the specifics abou the property file.

When in a Property File make sure to fill out the necessary information within these tabs:

- Property

- Mortgage

- Negotiation

- Listing


Also, make sure to fill in the Lead Source, Deal Type, Stage, and Status. 

**Any fields left blank will just show as blank on the Propety Profile Report

To generate the Property Profile Report click on the Printer icon next the Favorites icon in the header of the Property File


**Once you click the Printer icon Realeflow will automatically save a copy of this Report to the Documents section of that Property File

A new tab will open within your web browser.  If you do not see a new tab open, you may need to allow Pop-Ups for Realeflow.

Now you are able to view the report to:

1. Print the Report

2. Save the document to your computer.  You can save the report as a PDF, Excel file, Word Doc, Tiff file, and Web Archive. 



Once you select an option from the drop down a download box will appear to save the file to your computer.


Choose files or drag and drop files
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