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Call 4 - Property Analysis

Learn how to analyze a potential deal using our Comp Engine, Hammerpoint Repair Estimator, and Deal Analyzer tools. Once you have acquired a property, our Hammerpoint Rehab Planner will help you create a full scope of work using Home Depots product SKU's or customize with your own preferred product details.

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This training video will cover:

1. Comp Reports

- viewing comparables

- viewing the map

- setting your filters

- building a comp report

- generating a comp report document


 2. Hammerpoint Repair Estimator

- creating and editing

- creating defaults

- generating documents


3. Deal Analyzer - 1 Page Analyzer and Multi Deal Analyzer

- how to access both Deal Analyzers

- creating and editing

- creating defaults (1 Pager only)

- generating a document/reports

4. Hammerpoint Rehab Planner

- creating and editing

- creating templates

- import items from Home Depot

- saving favorites

- generating documents


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