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Call 3 - Lead Generation - Leadpipes and Direct Mail

Learn how to utilize Realeflow's Leadpipes to access property and people leads nationwide! We will also cover the powerful tool Direct Mail and how you can create a fast direct mail marketing campaign to your leads.

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In this call we will cover:

1. Leadpipes

- how to pull your list

- how to purchase and view Probate leads

- Saving your Search

- exporting your list of leads

- using the filters to generate a specific list of leads


2. Direct Mail

- How to setup a direct mail campaign from your leads in leadpipes and contacts

- uploading your own list

- difference between direct mail option and the personally penned option

- purchasing a tracking number

- creating a custom letter for our personally penned letters

- creating a custom postcard and uploading your own postcard

- How to view the details of your purchased campaign and check the status

- how to remove recipients from your direct mail campaign

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