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Importing - Contacts or Properties

Importing- Contacts and/or Properties

Below is the step by step process on how to import a list of properties or contacts.

** To Import you must use an Excel spreadsheet saved as a .CSV or a .TXT file

** You can upload contacts OR properties.  If you need to upload contacts and properties you will need to import 2 separate lists.

** If you are uploading a property and want to associate the Owner with the property, Realeflow will create a property file and a owner contact file and link the 2 files together automatically.

** Do NOT include any symbols on your spreadsheet such as $, %, etc as this will not import the field.

** When uploading, certain fields need to be specific such as

a. State- this needs to be the 2 letter abbreviation for this field to import

b. Property Type, Garage Type, Pool Details, Basement Type, and Waterfront Type: these need to be exact for this field to import.  Below are the entries that are accepted in order as listed above.

import11 import12 import13 import14 import15

1. To import your contacts or properties go to Contacts> Import or Properties > Import

import1  import2

2. Next select the file from your computer you would like to import


3. Once the import is complete, you will be navigated to the next screen to select what type of files you are importing  (Contacts or Properties).  Make your selection then hit ‘Next’


4. Next you will map where you would like the information to go within a contact or property file


** The Columns showing on the left hand side are from your spreadsheet.  You then select a destination from the drop down menu to the right.

**When importing, you will see the criteria for each field for the information to import correctly.  For example, in the picture above below First Name you will see 'Text (100 Max)'- this means this field is text only and will only import 100 characters or less.

**Once you have mapped out where you would like the information to go, you can save this as a template.   If you are importing new leads using the same spreadsheet, you can have the import automatically mapped out with a Saved template.

Click here to watch a video tutorial

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