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Activity Feed - What is it and things to know.

Activity Feed: This is the new notes section within a Property or Contact file. 

Activity Feed allows you to:

1. Add Followers to a specific property or contact file so they stay informed with any updates to that file

*Only Full Access Users can be added as a Follower to a Contact or Property File

2. Easily upload documents, pictures, photos, and paste in formatted text from programs like Microsoft Word and Pages

*When uploading a document- it will load into the documents section of that file

*When uploading a photo (property file only)- it will load into the photo section of a property file

**Uneditable and Undeletable

- You can delete a document or photo from the Activity feed but it will leave a note of it having been there with the document name

- If you delete a document or photo from the Activity feed it will be removed from the documents section or photo section of that file.

- You are unable to edit or delete any text note entered.  All notes are timestamped.

**Email Notifications when added as a Follower

When added as a follower you will receive email notifications when:

- being added or removed as a follower

- when a photo or document is added or removed.

- when a property Stage or Status has changed

- when a property or contact file is deleted that you are following

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