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Direct Mail

Direct Mail
Direct Mail is one of the most effective marketing methods for getting leads into your funnel.
The Direct Mail engine allows you to set single touch and multi-touch campaigns to any of your
Leadpipes lists or your own uploaded list. Whether you are sending out 1 campaign or multiple
campaigns Realeflow helps you automate this marketing aspect of your business.
Every creative piece has been written to generate a response from the specified target. Direct
Mail creative marketing pieces include yellow letters, personally penned letters, and eye-catching postcards.
Options you can choose from:
- Single touch campaigns and multi-touch campaigns (2, 3, or 5). Multi-step typically
generate better results.
- Select what mail pieces you want to send and when
- Choose between weekly, bi-weekly or monthly mailings
- Budget driven campaigns – if a full campaign is outside your budget, adjust the budget
amount and a random sampling will be chosen for your mailing
Campaigns start at just $0.99 per letter (everything included – list, letter, creative, envelope,
printing, postage, and fulfillment). Postcards are just $0.59 (includes postcard, creative,
printing, postage and fulfillment).  Postcards are size 4.25' x 6' and is printed on 100# cover stock.
You simply select your leads from your Leadpipes leads or your own uploaded lists, choose the
campaign and creative pieces, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Choose files or drag and drop files
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