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Properties Overview/ Add new

Properties Overview/ Add new
The Properties section within your Realeflow account is used to help identify the properties that you
are working with, find vital information for each property, and link them to contact/contacts they are
associated with.
There are 3 types of properties you can enter within Realeflow:
1. Under Contract- These are the properties that you are working on to close the deal to acquire the property
2. Inventory- These are the properties that you closed the deal and have now acquired.
3. Selling- These are the properties you have for sale on the market.
There are multiple ways to add a property to your Realeflow account.
To add a contact go to any of the areas shown below:
1. propadd1
2. propadd2
3. propadd3
4. propadd4
Next fill out the pop up box that appears and hit 'Save'.  Your property has now been added!
**To see how to import a list of properties click here
Choose files or drag and drop files
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