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Probate Leads - FAQ

Probate Leads- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can a lead be purchased? 

A: This is very limited.  Each lead can only be purchased a low number of times before it is no longer available for purchase.

Q: Are the Probate Leads specific to real estate?

A: No, these are are probate leads in general so this means that any assest that was not allocated by a will, then goes into probate court.  Many of the leads will have real estate involved but it is not guaranteed

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: We can only refund unused credits.  Any used credits to purchase leads cannot be refunded

Q: How often are leads updated?

A: Each county is updated on a weekly basis.

Q: I see my county is available to select, but after selecting my county there are no leads?

A: This means all the leads in that county have reached the purchasing limit.  Please check back daily for new leads available for purchase

Q: How much to these leads cost?

A: You purchase credits, once credits are purchased you can then purchase the leads with the credits

Lead Cost:

Current (less than 1 month old): 10 credits per lead

1-3 months: 9 credits per lead

4-6 months: 8 credits per lead

7-12 months: 7 credits per lead

Q: What are the different payment options for purchasing credits:

A: Credit options are:

Monthly Plan:

$165/mo. for 250 credits

$220/mo. for 500 credits

$320/mo. for 1000 credits

One Time Payment:

$195 for 250 credits

**If a person purchases more than 1 monthly plan, the last plan they purchased is the monthly plan they are on.  The system will not allow them to have more than 1 monthly subscription.  So if the person purchased the $220/mo. plan then purchased the $320/mo. plan moving forward they only have the monthly subscription for the $320/mo plan, NOT both.

Q: What is the Docket #?

A: Its an ID number the courthouse uses to track the probate file.  If you wanted to pull the file from the courthouse, you would use the docket number for reference.


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