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Leadpipes- FAQ

Here are some common questions about the leads within our Leadpipes:

- Property, Foreclosure, and Mortgage/Lien information is compiled directly from public data from individual counties across the country. Active Listings are sourced by various IDX feeds.
How frequently is this data updated?

- We receive daily updates on Property, Foreclosure, and Mortgage/Lien Information. However, this does not necessarily mean that individual counties update their records daily. An individual county may update their records daily, weekly, or even monthly depending upon their technical sophistication. IDX records are updated daily.

How do you know this information is correct?

- While every effort has been made to ensure this data is accurate, we cannot escape the old data idiom - “Garbage In, Garbage out.” While the source of this data is government agencies and real estate agents, it is a person who is entering the information in at the source. There could be typos or omissions by human error that could cause the information to be incorrect.

Is mortgage and lien information up to date?

- Mortgage and lien information is provided at the time of purchase and what is filed with the county at that time. As time progresses, and if payments are current, then the balance due on that loan would drop over time.

How do you calculate the home value or AVM?

- AVM or Automated Valuation Model is a type of service that provides real estate property valuations based on modeling several factors, including analyzing values of comparable properties. There are hundreds of AVM services used by financial institutions. The one we use is geared towards real estate services. It is important to note that AVM services do not include the condition of the property.

I’m not seeing records for my area - What gives?

- If you don’t see records for your area it could be one of three things:

  1. You have too many filters applied. Reduce the number of filters to expand your search.
  2. The county does not provide the information that you are looking for.
  3. We do not have coverage available in that county for that specific lead type.

Please let us know if you see a ‘gap’ in the data and we can help assist you.

The information I see is incorrect. I know this home has 4 bedrooms and it says only 3. What gives?

- Remember that the information provided to us is from the county directly. It is what they have on record - so that data could have been entered incorrectly from the start, or an addition could have been made to the home that the county was not made aware of.

What address do these letters get mailed to?

- With the exception of Active Listings, our letters always get mailed to the tax mailing address provided by the county. For Active Listings you should reach out to the broker/agent.

What details do you provide for contacts/properties?

- For Contacts, we provide the name and mailing address.

For Properties, we provide details based on the county records such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, as well as current mortgage information, along with a transaction history.

What does the Lead Types Matching filter do?

- By default properties must have all lead types when filtering with lead types is selected. By switching to "Any", you are saying that properties can have 1 or more of any of the selected lead types.

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