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1 Page Deal Analyzer - Creating an Analysis

The 1 Page Deal Analyzer is a tool to help you quickly analyze the potential profit and ROI (return on investment) for your property

There are 2 ways to access the 1 Page Deal Analyzer :

1.    In the drop down menu for Analyze in the side navigation select Deal Analyzer.

2.    From within a Property file, under the Analyze section on the left hand side of your screen

Creating an Analysis
1. Once in the Deal Analyzer section, click on the 'Create New Analysis button


2.  In the Pop Up Modal select '1 Page Analyzer'- here you can also update the name and link it to a property file.  Next click on 'Create' 

**Creating a deal analysis in a property file will automatically link it to that property.
           **If you create a deal analysis outside of a property file, you are always able to link the deal analysis to a property at any time.  See bottom of this article on how to link your 1 Page Deal Analyzer to a Property file

3.  Next, fill out ALL the fields and the 1 page Deal Analyzer will automatically calculate the deal

3.    Once finished click on the Save Analysis button at the bottom of the 1 Page Deal Analyzer

Generating a PDF Document of your 1 Page Deal Analysis

1. When you are inside of your 1 Page Deal Analysis at the top of analysis click on the Generate Document button

2. Next a pop up window will appear to allow you download the PDF 

**If the 1 Page Deal Analysis was created in a Property File or linked to Property File when you Generate Document it will automatically save a PDF copy of the 1 Page Deal Analysis within the Documents section of the Property File

Linking your 1 Page Deal Analysis to a Property File

** You will only need to link the 1 Page Deal Analysis  if you created and Saved it outside of a Property File

1. Go to Analyze in the Side Navigation and click on Deal Analyzer

2. You are now in the list view of all your Deal Analysis' 

3. Under the actions section, you will see a grey 'link' button for any 1 Page Deal Analysis not linked to a Property File- click the grey 'link button

4. In the Pop Up Window you will now be able to enter in the address

 5.  When typing in the address you will have 2 options: select an existing property already created in your account, or create a new property file.

6. Select the Property address from the dropdown and hit the Save button- your 1 Page Deal Analyzer is now linked to that property file and can be found within that property file moving forward


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