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Direct Mail Timeline

Direct Mail Timeline

When a direct mailing is setup, below is an example of when to expect your mailings to be sent out.

*Processing date is the date we pull the list and send it to our Direct Mail provider.  It takes 1 week to process your request so your 1st mailing will go out 1 week after the processing date.

Direct Mail lists are sent to the mailing house 1st thing every Monday, so if you submit a campaign on Sunday it will be pulled on Monday, but if you create a campaign

on a Monday it will be sent to the mailing house the following Monday.


You submit a campaign between Monday, September 1st through Sunday, September 7th.  Your list will be sent to the mailing house on Monday, September 8th.  It takes the mailing house 1 week to print and deliver to the post office.  The post office would receive your campaign 1 week later on September 15th.  The mailings will then be sent out by the post office.  The recipients will receive the mailing within 1-2 weeks after the post office drops them in the mail as all of our mailings are sent out as bulk mail by the post office.


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