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Auto Responders

Auto Responders
Auto Responders are pre-written single step and multi-step email campaigns that automatically email
contacts in a particular group, based on a pre-set schedule. Auto Responders help you, and your
business, keep in touch with your contacts automatically saving you time from manually emailing your
list on a daily basis.
You have the ability to create your own Auto Responder series or edit the pre-existing Auto Responders
that are loaded in your Realeflow account.
Auto Responders can range from single step campaigns to multi-step campaigns that run at the intervals
you set with as few or as many steps as you want.
When you choose a Content Pack for your squeeze page, a 10 step Auto Responder series written
specifically for that Content Pack will automatically be attached. This 10 step Auto Responder can be
used as is, edited to your liking, or you can create your own.
Ways for leads to receive your Auto Responders:
1. When a potential lead opts in to your squeeze page, they will automatically receive the
Auto Responder attached to that page.
2. When you manually create a new contact within your account, you can register them to the
Auto Responder that you want them to receive.


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