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Overview- Multi-Page Deal Analyzer & 1 Page Deal Analyzer

Within Realeflow there are 2 different Deal Analysis tools:

1. 1 Page Deal Analyzer- This analysis tool is quick and easy.  The entire 

analysis is on 1 page.  Plug in the different costs and watch it calculate your 

profit and ROI.  You can change your costs to quickly see your new calculated 

profit and ROI.

2.  Multi-Page Deal Analyzer- This analysis tool is more labor intensive.  

You are able to compare between 3 types of investment strategies: Buy and 

Flip, Buy and Hold, and a Lease Option purchase.  This analysis tool will guide 

you through each step depending on the type of analysis you choose.  Once 

completed you will find detailed reporting for each investment strategy you 


Deal Analyzer is a feature that automatically analyzes a deal to show your 

estimated net profit and ROI (return on investment).  Enter the key 

parameters of the deal and watch the Deal Analyzer handle the heavy 

lifting.  It's like having a financial analyst evaluate each deal before you make

an offer helping save you time and find deals that sense for you and your


The key parameters that both Deal Analyzers evaluate are:

1. Property Value: What are you spending to acquire the property and what 

do you expect to sell the property for?

2. Repair Cost: How much do you need to invest in repairs to get the house in 

a condition to sell?

3. Financing Costs: What are your financing costs related to mortgages or 

other loans during the holding period?

4. Holding Costs: Taxes, HOA or Condo Fees, Insurance, and Utilities.  These

costs add up and need to be factored in during the holding period.

5. Transaction Costs: There are costs associated with buying and selling a 

property such as attorney fees, commissions, and closing costs.


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