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Leadpipes Ai Overview

Leadpipes Ai is a new feature built right into the Leadpipes tool. Realeflow has created a Sellability Score using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to assign every property in the country a number rating. This number rating determines the property's propensity to sell in the next 90 days. Leadpipes Ai will help you to increase the ROI on your marketing spend across the board to target the properties with the highest propensity to sell.

What is the Sellability Score?

We have partnered with a machine learning company to input millions of data points from the last 40 years of Real Estate Transactions. The data from these transactions has allowed us to use machine learning to create a scoring system for properties based on their propensity to sell in the next 90 days. These scores range from 0 to 1,000. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood a property will sell within the next 90 days.

Score Breakdown

* Scores above are for example only and not indicative of a target score for each type. 

The higher the score, the higher the propensity to sell.

The Retail Score  

The propensity of a property to sell in the next 90 days, at a full retail price or a wholesale price.  The great majority of homes in the country sell at a full retail price.  This model is great for investors who can not only monetize a traditional real estate deal "wholesale, fix and flip, buy and hold" but have a brokerage license or a partnership with an agent where they can monetize a real estate transaction.
The Wholesale Score

The propensity of a property to sell below market value in the next 90 days.  These properties have a data footprint of a discounted sale.  This model is great for investors who are looking for a deal in the marketplace.  These property owners are either under financial distress or have the characteristics of a property that has sold at discount before.  
The Rental Score 

The propensity of a property to sell to a real estate investor.  These properties show the data footprint of a property that will be owned by a real estate investor. Making this score an ideal tool for any serious investor looking to add more rental properties to their investment portfolio. 

Click HERE to view a step-by-step tutorial on using Leadpipes Ai to filter your lead list. 

Leadpipes Ai is available for upgrade HERE
If you have any questions reach out to our support team at or call 855-545-2095 and we are happy to help!

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