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Creating a Website

Once logged into your account go to MARKETING in the Side Navigation and in the drop-down menu select Websites

Create a Site

Click on the Create Site button at the top right of the website management page

Site Setup 

Enter your Site Title, Subdomain, and Tagline to set up your site then click Next

Site Title 

This is the name of your site which usually appears in your site's header and may also appear in browser tabs, search engine results, and social shares. Pick a name that makes it easier for you to identify your site (like your business name). Don't worry, you can always change this in WordPress later.


Create a subdomain that is easy to type/remember. Visitors will be able to access your site via your subdomain or it can be used as a live test site while perfecting your site content. You can connect/purchase a primary domain later in the Domains tab (highly recommended).


A short sentence that tells visitors what your site is about. Taglines usually appear near the site title and may appear in search engine results.


Select Your Theme

Click on the Go to Select Theme button to choose your site design.

This will take you into WordPress by opening a new tab in your web browser. Pick your theme by clicking the Select a Theme button

Activate Theme

Choose from our selection of themes (site design). Click the Activate button for the theme you have selected.
Please note that you may only have a single theme available depending upon your pricing plan.

Choose Content Pack

Click the Select a Content Pack button to choose the content that is loaded to your site. 

Import Content Pack

You will be taken to our list of available content packs. Hovering over a specific content pack image will allow you to preview the content by clicking the Preview button.

 Once you have selected your content pack, click the Import button

It will take us a few moments to finish building your site. When your site setup is complete, you will receive a prompt to edit your site. Click the Go to Edit button to proceed to the WordPress editor

If you would like to learn how to customize your website, you can learn more in this article!

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