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Blog - adding/disable a Post

Our website templates include a page for a blog, which can be edited within the Website Editor.  

Below are the steps to access the Blogs section to add/disable a Blog post

Here's an article on How to create a Blog page on your site (only needed if you did not setup a Multi-page website):

To access the Blog, you will navigate to the website Editor.  To access the Editor:

1. Navigate to Websites Section

Once logged into your account go to Leadflow in the side navigation and in the drop-down menu select Websites

2. Select Edit Website

You will see an image preview for your site on the website's landing page. Select the 3 dot menu and click Edit Website

3. Once in the website Editor, click on 'POSTS' in the left side navigation menu

Here you will see all of the 'default' posts (if a multi-page site was created) To edit a Post, hover over the blog name and click on 'EDIT'

To ADD a new Post/Blog, once in the 'POSTS' section, click on Add New at the top of the page: 

To Disable/Remove a Post/Blog, hover over the Post/Blog Name and click on 'Trash' 

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